What is Audius?

Earn Crypto for listening to and making music…

Audius is a brand-new streaming platform built for all musicians, not just those signed to labels. Build a fanbase, share your works in progress

It’s like Spotify or SoundCloud, but on the blockchain. If one were to put a music streaming service, blockchain and a native token into a crypto blender, the result would be Audius.

Audius connects fans directly with artists in a familiar music player interface

Audius a community-owned music streaming platform, aiming to enable any user to freely distribute, monetize and stream.

Sign up for Audius to earn $AUDIO tokens while using the app!

Audius is available for free as a web app and as an app on iOS and Android devices. Signing up to the service is quick and easy; enter your email, choose a password, and you’re all set. Anyone who’s used a music streaming service before will immediately feel right at home



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